Custom Instrument Panels

Gauge instrument Sets withà.

VDO Instruments and Senders complete with mounting panel and ôplug-inö wire harness
   Boats, Hot Rods, Custom Cars, and Motor Homes àcontact SRPM    at 1-888-762-7776 (SRPM) for next day delivery.
   These VDO equipped Instrument Kits come ready to install. You have your choice of VDO Instrument styles including Cockpit, Cockpit White, Vision, Heritage Gold, Series 1, Contour, Cockpit Royale and others. 80mm or 85mm Speedo and Tach in some styles.

Standard VDO Instruments and senders include:
-120*mph Programmable Speedometer w/LCD trip and Hall Effect Sender
-50**mph Pitot Speedometer and Pitot Tubing Kit with Boat Sets -6000 or 7000*rpm Tachometer, depending on style
-Fuel Gauge and Adjustable Fuel Tank Sender
-80psi Oil Pressure Gauge and Sender
-250f Temperature Gauge and Sender

Wire harness has VDO plug connectors for direct ôplug-inö with multiple-pin main plug with extra wire off the mating half, GLX grade wires (higher temp), each wire labeled. Extra plug for another 2ö gauge already in the harness. Harness for boats available soon.

Frosted Black, White, and Wood Grain plastic mounting panels are ôrubberized acrylicö and back laminated.    They will take lots of abuse without damage but most important they look good.
Panels with æInsertable LogoÆ, Bright Light Legend, Left and Right Turn Arrows also available.    The legends are engraved on the panels and are lit with standard VDO indicator lights with replaceable bulbs

*160mph programmable Speedometers and/or 10,000rpm Tachs available in some styles on special order.
**30mph and 75mph available in some styles, on special order.
Special Panel Designs Available, they just cost more!

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See Dakota Digital Section for Shift Position Indicators and Senders