1933-35 1st Series Dodge Truck Frame

These frames are designed to fit 1933 & 34 Plymouth cars and 1933-35 Dodge 1st Series trucks with either 108" or 112" wheelbase. 
We also can stretch them for 1933-35 Dodge Cars with longer wheelbases. 

Frames are all designed in AutoCAD and rails laser cut and Tig welded. The rails are completely boxed with 10 gauge steel. 

Rails are all made from original car and truck frames with all corners smoothed and professionally finished.

Perimeter frames can be made with Straight axles or our new Mustang II cross members. The IFS have fully adjustable caster and camber not like other IFS with the sliding bolt  top hats design.

Center sections are made with tubular tubing and fully adjustable to allow for different transmission installations. These allow room to install our pedal assemblies with either power or manual master cylinders and 7"or 8" boosters.

Coil-overs or air bags can be installed on the front and rear if wanted. We use our 18 position coil-over shocks  with adjustments for both up and down travel.

Rear suspensions are available with leaf springs, triangulated and parallel 4 bar  setups with our 18 position coil-over shocks with powder coated springs.