POSIES SuperSlide Rear Springs 
POSIES rear SuperSlide Springs are designed 3" lower than stock specifications, 
enabling you to lower the rear of your car without lowering blocks. SuperSlide 
Springs incorporate moly-nylon SuperSlide buttons that reside in die-formed 
pockets at the tips of the spring leaves. Replace your old worn out stock springs 
for a smoother ride, correct load capacity and no "scrub-line" problems you can 
have with lowering blocks. Computer designed and manufactured to be 3" lower. 
Front bushings come with springs. These springs fit all Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler/
Desoto cars. Springs are also available for 4-door and heavy applications.
MOPAR Dropped Front Spindles
Replace your original spindle or upright 
and lower your car while maintain proper 
suspension geometry and suspension 
travel. Dropped spindles drop the front of 
your car 3". Call for pricing.
1934 Plymouth IFS
1939-53 MOPAR
Universal Rear Suspension 
Kits and Parts
POSIES SuperSlide Rear
Spring Kits
POSIES offers a universal rear spring kit to install parallel leaf springs to 
chassis without existing frame mounts. We offer two spring lengths to fit a 
variety of frames, 34-1/4" springs for shorter applications and 43-1/2" 
springs for longer applications. Kits includes SuperSlide Springs, front and 
rear spring perches, shackles, axle saddles, u-bolts, plates, lower shock 
mount and optional rear shock kit. Add "S" after part number to include 
shock kit.
Part # Description 
8020 Universal Rear Spring Kit 34 1/4" Spring
8021 Universal Rear Spring Kit 43 1/2" Spring
Part# Description
Front Springs
PL33-34FPD 1933-34 Front Springs 1-½" Spring Width
Rear Springs
PL33-34LH 1933-34 Coupes & Sedans (1-1/2" Spring Width)
PL33-34RPD 1933-34 Coupes & Sedans (1-3/4" Spring Width)
PL35-48L 1935-48 Coupes
PL35-48LH 1935-48 4-Door Sedans 
1949-50 Mopars PL35-48LH will work – call to verify before ordering