Switches, Bezels & Wiring

We have many different switched and wiring kits call us with your  needs. 1-888-762-7776
Price: 10.5
Price: 30.0
Inches: All 1/2 deep and vertical 1 7/8. Then horizontal: Sgl x2, Dbl x2.5 and Quad 4.25.
Price: 495.0
Price: 450.0
The single location 4-Door kit features a single location (console) 4-door switch control that measures 2-1/4" X 4"
Price: 300.0
Illumination (red) comes through the small holes and is adaptable to existing 5-wire switch wiring.
Price: 189.0
Electric Window Crank Switch (Square).
Price: 99.95
Electric Window Crank Switch (Spline).
Price: 99.95
Fits our TRW 5-wire reversing polarity switches.
Price: 59.95
.Universal for ALL Power Window units.
Price: 39.95
Metal Switch Bezel Kit Hideaway 90/45 Degree types.
Price: 49.95
Universal for ALL Power Window units.
Price: 34.95
Push buttons for anything. Priced per switch, high end
Price: 27.5
Mount internal/external. Great for emergency entry ,,, hide-it-away.
Price: 15.0
Green/Red light & used in our BALL's kits.
Price: 14.95
Unlighted Reverse polarity switches. Price per each. 1.5x.75"
Price: 12.5
Fits our 5-wire switches.
Price: 4.95