This 1932 Plymouth Model PA coupe was part of the 1930-32 Plymouth line.
1932 Plymouth Model PA coupe


The 1930-1932 Plymouth has long been beloved by collectors (the Plymouth Owners Club was originally devoted only to the four-cylinder models). These good-looking small cars offered styling that followed general Chrysler trends, which were excellent in the early '30s.


Mechanical features included four-wheel hydraulic brakes, "Floating Power" rubber engine mounts in 1931, and more horsepower in 1932 -- the four-cylinder Plymouth's final year. There were also some attractive open body styles offered, including the always scarce phaeton.

Pluses of the 1930-1932 Plymouth:

  • Easy to acquire, own, and run
  • Good club support
  • Parts readily available
  • Decent investment (open body styles)

Minuses of the 1930-1932 Plymouth:

  • Not as smooth or mechanically sophisticated as the Chevy six or '32 Ford V-8
  • Closed models slow to appreciate

Production of the 1930-1932 Plymouth:

  • 1930-1931: 76,950 (approximately 57% in 1931)
  • 1932: 83,910
  • 1932 open models (PA & PB): 4,843 roadsters; 787 4-door phaetons; 7,636 convertible coupes

Specifications of the 1930-1932 Plymouth:
Wheelbase, inches: 109.0 (1930 Model U, 1930-1931 Model 30U, 1932 PA); 112.0/121.0 (1932 PB)
Length, inches: NA
Weight, pounds: 2,280-3,075
Price, new: $495-785

Engines for the 1930-1932 Plymouth:


Type Size Horsepower Years
sv I-4 175.4 cid 45 1930*
sv I-4 196.1 cid 48 1930-1931**
sv I-4 196.1 cid 56/65 1932***
*Model U
**Model 30U
***Model PA/PB
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