- VDO Dakota Digital ,Dolphin Gauges Custom Panels

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Custom Dash Panels: Our panels are automotive quality plastic with surface finishes like those found in todays cars. We can make round holes to fit your instruments; rectangular or round holes for your switches; we can engrave your legends, logos and other designs on the panels. We can cut holes for mounting radios, heater controls, whatever. Send us a sketch and we will quote.

We can also backlight them with electroluminescent 12v lighting or light bulbs.

Lighting: create the mood ... engraved with designs or logos ... electroluminescense lighting or tube lights
12-volt Accessories: create a system to meet your desires ... dimmer switch, headphone jack, volume control systems, entertainment and cellular systems ...

Universal Switch Panels: We keep in stock 3, 6, and 12 gang switch panels with changable and lightable legends and we have the rocker switches to match. Great for small volume applications or 1 off designs.

We can also make custom switch panels with any arrangement of switches and any legends or symbols...with your company name or logo on the panel. Contact us!

Street Rods, Parts & Memorabilia

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Price: $55.00
1953-58 Dodge Truck Dash Insert Carbon Fiber Each
Price: $59.00
- Dolphin Automotive Gauges feature a Convex gauge lens, air core movements, glare free lighting, polished stainless or gold bezels, and come in a choice of face colors.
Price: $169.00
Price: $119.95
Includes senders, except pulse generator
Price: $279.95
Price: $45.00
custom made from your old box or spec's
Price: $0.00
Please Call for price
with adjustable dome light option
Price: $31.99
65 Dodge Truck Dash Panel
Price: $160.00
Call for shipping price
57 Plymouth Dash Panel
Price: $165.00
Call for shipping price