Disc Brake Kits

Price: $675.00
Price: $675.00
Price: $8,500.00
Drilled and Slotted Rotors with 6 Piston Black Calipers
Price: $2,200.00
Drilled and Slotted Rotors with 4 Piston Black Calipers
Price: $1,821.00
comes with 2 hoses & 2 10 MM banjo fittings and crush washers
Price: $35.00
Does Not Include Rotors, Calipers, Pads, Bearings or Seals
Price: $399.95
Price: $375.00
Price: $115.95
Price: $745.00
Includes spindle adapters, 11" rotors, calipers, bearings, seals, pads and bolts.
Price: $675.00
B-Body 1962-72, E-Body 1970-74 Full Wheel Kit Includes 11" Rotors, Loaded Large Calipers, Hubs, Backing Plates, Stock Height Spindles, Hoses, Bearings, Seals, Dust Caps, Spindle Nuts, Spindle Washers and all Hardware.
Price: $0.00
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Rotors 11" calipers and hardwareChevy Bolt Pattern
Price: $375.00
Price: $375.00