1940 Chevrolet Car

The 1940 Chevrolet Master and Special were completely redesigned from the 1939 Chevrolets.

The 1940 Chevrolet Master and Special were advertised with the slogan "Royal Clipper Styling." Lines were more flowing, an "alligator" hood was used, and the grille bore a strong resemblance to that of the higher-priced Buick.

1940 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe business coupe
Headlights slowly moved into the fenders, as seen on this
1940 Master DeLuxe. See more pictures of classic cars.


Wheelbase was extended to 113 inches, while overall length grew two inches to 1921/4 inches. A palate of 14 attractive colors was offered.

There were three series this time. The Master 85, Chevy's price leader, retained the I-beam front axle and was characterized by a relatively spartan level of trim. Next up was the Master DeLuxe, featuring independent front suspension and better trim.

The third series, new this year, was the Special Deluxe. More sumptuously appointed than any previous Chevrolet, it was distinguished by stainless steel hood and beltline trim along with such amenities as dual wipers, dual air horns, a 30-hour dashboard clock, and a deluxe steering wheel with horn ring. Perhaps surprisingly, the newcomer proved to be, by a wide margin, Chevy's best-seller.

Prices of the 1940 Chevrolet Master and Special were increased by about 4 percent over comparable 1939 models, but the nation's economy had improved substantially, and calendar year production increased by 38 percent.

1940 Chevrolet Special DeLuxe convertible
A convertible returned to the Chevy lineup,
on the top-line 1940 Special DeLuxe.


1940 Chevrolet Master and Special Facts

Weight range (lbs.)
Price range (new)
Number built
Master 85
Master DeLuxe
Special DeLuxe
Goes between body and fender
Price: $43.26
Price: $55.99
Price: $985.00