1928-38 Mopar's Cross Steer Rack & Pinion Vega Box Replacement Kit Retro Style

Will work for all vega box vehicles
by  Unisteer
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1928-38 Mopar & 28-34  Ford Cross Steer Rack & Pinion Vega Box Replacement Kit
Will replace all Vega Box modified vehicles.

Ford cross steer retro fit kit with shaft kit included. This innovative design steers off one side, creating very little bump steer that would occur using a traditional rack & pinion. There is no play in the rack travel, as it is smooth and consistent through out the length of its travel. This means that Cross Steer eliminates tight spots and loose spots so common with conventional steering boxes. The Cross Steer Rack & Pinion offers a significant reduction in steering effort, even at low speeds. Cross Steer has 6" of rack travel which travels at the rate of about 1.6" per rotation of the pinion, giving Cross Steer about 3-5/8 turns lock to lock as compared with a typical Vega-style steering box with 4 turns lock to lock.